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#9 – Has the Internet revolutionized political campaigns today?

March 25, 2012 Leave a comment

In the past, information with regards to political campaign were distributed via the news on television or newspapers. Today, aside from these traditional mediums, timely information can be found on websites of news agencies and disseminated via social networking sites or micro blogging sites. Whenever anyone mentioned a successful political campaign using the Internet, Barack Obama’s name is almost usually included.

In the past, aside from rallies, print and television commercials were also used to garner support. The video below is taken from a television commercial for 1952 political campaign in United States of America.

Today, audio, video and pictures are still being used. Aside from being catchy, other influential figures are also lending their support to the cause. One great example is the video in support for Obama’s campaign by singers in America. As reported, the Obama campaign had no role in the video. Check the link below for more details.

From the description above, we can tell that the Internet today plays an integral part in political campaigns. The question now is how has the Internet revolutionized political campaigns today?

Firstly, advertising is no longer restricted to traditional media. Today, almost every campaign uses social advertising to get their message across. Social advertising is important because of its wider reach and specific targeting.

Next, utilizing social networking sites on the Internet help to disseminate information in a timely manner and enhance interaction. Most common social networking/micro blogging sites adopted are Facebook and Twitter. Here representatives or the individual themselves can share latest updates and also interact with the users. One great example would be taken from the local context, during the latest election in Singapore. To connect and reach out to young voters, Nicole Seah who was representing the Workers Party for a seat in the Marine Parade GRC in the 2011 Singapore General Elections, utilized Facebook to update her activities as well as views that concerned her during the elections.

Today, political campaigns also uses multimedia on the Internet to disseminate information in interesting and engaging manner. The article by NY Times below showed how multimedia on the Internet played a role in the latest elections. In a country where there are 900,000 local users on Twitter and three million Singapore members on Facebook, the Internet is the new approach to garner interest and support.

The Internet has changed the ways people do things and political campaigns is one example where Internet has made an impact on. Today, social advertising has been utilized to reach readers in a timely and engaging manner utilizing multimedia on the Internet. An issue where many youths were generally apathetic to have been given a renewed interest with a newer approach to reach these target audience. So what do you think about political campaigns today? Has the Internet changed your views on politics making you pay more attention to it?


#8 – Utilizing multimedia as part of campaign

March 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Today, many companies and organizations are using multimedia on the Internet as part of their campaign. Today, campaigns are all about being interactive in achieving its objectives. Two great examples are Cadbury: Olympic’s 2012 Pumped FB Parade and Kotex’s campaign known as Womens Inspiration Day by KOTEX.

The video above provided a summary of Cadbury: Olympic’s 2012 Pumped FB Parade. According to DigitalBuzzBlog, “Users can select their gender, choose an outfit and accessorise their avatar before they join the march. Everyone that joins is entered into a weekly draw to win tickets to the Olympics. Users are encouraged to invite their friends from Facebook and Twitter to help gain support for team GB, as well as posting pictures of their avatar during the parade to their Facebook wall.” Aside from using video that was uploaded on youtube for explanation, supporters go proceed straight to Cadbury UK Facebook page and explore the interactive site themselves.

Next is an example of Kotex using the latest social media tool, Pinterest, as part of the campaign. Kotex sent out 50 inspirational packages to different women based on their Pinterest Boards. These women would then take a picture and share it on Pinterest, Facebook and/or Twitter. The important thing to note is that with only 50 packages sent out, the were still able to reach a few thousand people with the same message merely using pictures and the power of social media.

Since the Cadbury campaign is currently in progress, it would be unfair to evaluate its effectiveness. However, both campaigns are interesting because it uses multimedia and also other tools found on the Internet to expand its reach to greater audience. Both campaigns focus on individualized experience. Users are able to go to the page and experience the interaction between them and the multimedia tools utilized. For Cadbury, users can create and personalize their avatar online while providing support to their team for the Olympics. Also, video was used to explain the process and garner interest to visit the Facebook page to create the avatar. For the Kotex campaign, it was more about allowing users to share the package received which was limited to only 50 women in the country.

Multimedia on the Internet is not limited to just interactivity, pictures and videos. One can use podcast, music, webcasting and more on the Internet as part of their campaign. The link here provide tips for amateur users to get started. Utilizing multimedia with social media would ensure that buzz can be generated quickly and reach can also be expanded. So what did you think about the 2 campaigns featured? What are the other campaign have you encountered that utilizes multimedia on the Internet?

#7 – Don’t fall victim to phishing

March 11, 2012 Leave a comment

According to Washington State University, phishing is defined as “creating a replica of a legitimate web page to hook users and trick them into submitting personal or financial information or passwords.”  Phishing is a serious problem because our private information such as usernames, passwords, bank information, and credit card details are acquired from these seemingly legitimate websites. Once trapped, our money would be stolen.

For example in Portland America, a couple realized that they lost $31,000 thinking that the automatic withdrawals were made to the Bank of America after confirming the request in an email. Instead it was someone pretending to be an employee at the bank and money were in fact transferred to someone in a foreign country. Click here for more.

Phishing usually occurs in the form of emails, where email appeared to be sent from a legitimate source usually from financial institutions. Aside from email, of late, social networking sites have also become a favorite place for phishers to attack. One example would be MySpace.

According to CSIonsite, there are 8 different techniques of phishing used today.

An elaboration of what was mentioned, spear phishing “is an e-mail spoofing fraud attempt that targets a specific organization, seeking unauthorized access to confidential data. Spear phishing attempts are not typically initiated by random hackers but are more likely to be conducted by perpetrators out for financial gain, trade secrets or military information.”

So what can be done to protect yourself from falling victim to phishing?

Today, there are many thieves out there on the internet looking to leech off once we let our guards down. Taking precautions is necessary to not fall victim to phishing. What do you think about phishing? What other threats are out there on the Internet? What have you done to protect yourself from these threats?

#6 – Tiramisu Trailer

Above is a trailer that I made of local show, Tiramisu (2005) staring local actress Sharon Au as Sharon Ong and Thai actor Gof Akara as Steve Lee. As the title of the show suggest, the show revolves around the theme of food between 2 different cooks – one at a cafe and another who is just a normal hawker. Their different style of cooking and attitudes put these 2 chefs at loggerheads but their passion for food might just be the link between them that would bring them together. That would have been easy, without Steve Lee’s current girlfriend played by Jaymee Ong being in the picture.

The video is made from scenes of the first episode of the show. Hopefully it was good enough to entice you to watch the show. 🙂