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#11 – Are you part of the Apple cult?

If you meet with a Mac user, there is almost always a smug condescending look on their face towards non-Mac users. While product evangelist is a person who promotes the product, the followers of the Apple cult takes on extreme to a whole other level where they are fanatical followers devoted to all things Apple, Macintosh, iPod, and iPhone.

Here is an example how “smug” Apple can be.

For Apple to create such a following for its product, the company must have done something right for the consumers. So why are Apple products so popular?

According to the article here by Tim Bajarin, people are keen to buy the products because the bought the vision of WHY Apple produced their various products, aside from WHAT it can offer – they follow leaders or buy products they believe in.

Apple also created products that can mimic that of the interaction between humans, providing a unique interaction and experience between machine and user.

Based on Steve Job’s biography, this author explained his understanding of why Apple’s products received such a huge following – Apple’s products provide an enriched experience to an already existing product in the market OR they were the first to introduce such product thus allowing them to gain a strong fan base from the very beginning.

Cult-like or not, no one could deny the success Apple has had for it various products. Below is a video (click on the picture!) of a business perspective on why Apple is doing better as opposed to their competitors, according to Ron Adner, author of “The Wide Lens: A New Strategy for Innovation” and strategy professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.

Maybe the reason why Apple has such cult-like following started with this 1984 commercial?

A friend once said, once you go Mac, you never go back (to PC), and that is especially true for me. So what are some of the Apple products you do own and what was the motivation behind purchasing it? What are your thoughts about Apple?