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#5 – It is all about making learning fun

February 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Education have evolved over the years. It is no longer just learning from the teacher and taking notes. In the past, we learn through paper, audio from radio/stereo, visuals from projector and many more. Today, how we learn differs greatly from the past. Aside from using computer, another important emphasis is interactivity. This has caused e-learning to be on the rage in this millennium, as we can utilize technology and make learning a 2-way communication process instead of 1.

One such tool that we can use is the Microsoft Surface. Also known as tabletop technology, it is the newest gadget to join the list of touch screen devices. The key feature of the tool – interactivity and information at the tip of the finger. Don’t believe it? See it for yourself!

According to Microsoft, there are 6 features of Microsoft surface that makes it unique.

For those who thought that the idea was developed to rival Apple’s iPhone or iPad, think again. According to Anderson’s interview with Microsoft here, “… this is not a one-off project intended to steal any thunder from the multitouch goodness of the iPhone. Surface has actually been in development at Microsoft for years. A team was formed in October 2001 to pursue surface computing, and the idea got the go-ahead from Microsoft chairman Bill Gates in 2003. A prototype, called T1, was up and running a month later, crafted from an IKEA table with a hole chopped in the center and a piece of vellum serving as a diffuser.”

So how does Surface really works? What is underneath that table top machine? The video here will explain some of the coolest feature of the machine, one of which is how you can transfer pictures from camera over to cellphone by merely placing them on the Surface, and use your fingers to move it over!

Aside from the entertainment features, this device can be used today for education too. With its interactivity as the key feature, learning is more interactive and everyone can participate together. One school in UK have invested in using Surface as part of their teaching/learning methods. The video below will give you an idea on how this device have been integrated into the teaching plan.

There is no doubt that the advancement of technology has revolutionized our lives. Something that used to be so mundane have been given a newer approach and made fun, further stimulating our minds. In years to come, education might change and be even better than today. What do you think about Microsoft Surface? Is e-learning really effective? Are there any more ways in which learning can be improved aside from it being interactive?